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About MasterCard In Control

With MasterCard In Control, you can better manage spending—and feel more confident every time your card is used.

This service lets you easily set up real time alerts that will provide you with immediate spending insights and help safeguard you against fraudulent activity.
With our Large Purchase alerts, you can set an amount and be notified in real time when purchases exceed that amount.

Concerned about unauthorized Internet purchases?
Set up our Online Purchase alerts to notify you of Internet purchases. You can even set alerts to notify you if your card is being used outside of the United States or any other country you choose.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is MasterCard In Control?
    • MasterCard In Control is a free, no obligation service that enhances the functionality of your MasterCard credit cards with real-time email and mobile app alerts that keep you informed of where and how your MasterCard credit cards are being used.
      MasterCard In Control includes powerful, customizable alerts that add an extra layer of security for your MasterCard credit cards.

  • Why is MasterCard offering these alerts?
    • MasterCard is offering customizable real-time alerts through MasterCard In Control to further enhance the security, protection and convenience provided every day when you use your MasterCard credit card.